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Ghewar- The Real Zewar Of Indian Sweets

Updated: Apr 22

India is a country that thrives on kuch meetha ho jaye. And when we talk about the most famous things Rajasthan is known for, it is impossible not to mention the filigreed Rajasthani sweet, Ghewar, a traditional delicacy most popular across North and West India. There is something about the taste of these conventional cakes which makes them an inseparable part of our plates. Made with maida and milk, it is fried in ghee before being dipped in sugar syrup and finally served with various types of toppings. In the chilling colds, its taste genuinely hits differently. Leaving behind the traces of its soulful nuts and Rabri, the sweet ambrosia of Ghewar can imprint a mark in one’s heart. With a honeycomb texture, this doughnut-shaped Indian mithai is indeed a treat to have.

There has been a time in almost everybody’s life when we walked around the house with hands full of Ghewar and mouths evident of our love for this mithai. And there was a time when we, along with our siblings, sat in a row while our mothers prepared a fusion dessert of unsweetened Ghewar paired with hot milk. An absolute slice of heaven!

With an intention to awaken all these cherished memories in your heart, Janta Sweet Home has been making this sweet delight for the past three generations. The taste of this toothsome sweet is very well cherished by the people of Jodhpur and has attracted the taste buds of people overseas. Hence every year, we deal with massive pre-orders for the same before various festivities. The best part is yet to be mentioned, having made its television debut recently,  this delectable sweet has not only been savored by MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor but also made its way into the coveted MasterChef Australia when an Indian contestant served the sweet in his audition round. Carrying along the beauty of festivals and seasons, Ghewar has never failed to pave its way into our hearts and gain popularity among patrons of traditional Indian sweets, time and time again and this fact must not leave anyone pondering that this is how this Indian luxury treat resembles the unmatchable moments by being one, itself.

So, What are your best moments and memories with Ghewar? 

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